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Vaccine Mandates are Just Corporate Statutes
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  • Are vaccinations mandatory?
  • Are exemptions available?
  • Are Waiver forms safe to sign?
  • Are vaccines rigorously tested before marketing?
  • Are vaccinations the only way to immunize?
  • Are unvaccinated children at risk?

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    Are Vaccinations mandatory?
       No. Exemptions are easy to obtain in many states. Medical exemptions, Religious exemptions and Philosophical exemptions are available.
    Check your state laws, get forms, etc., here.

    any waiver forms before you sign. Find out why signing the AAP waiver form is a self incriminating act.
    1. DoNotSign_Waiver_Info_page    |     2. Signing_Under_Duress

    A legal Notice
    should be used in cases where vaccine requirements are difficult to exempt from. Also, it is important to understand why their vaccine requirements or statutes may not apply to you and your family.
    Please read the information provided on the following website (both links):

    Filing a Vaccination Notice with Instructions.pdf - (

    Are vaccines rigorously tested before marketing?
       No. Vaccines are usually tested only in healthy populations but are given to all once on the market. Controls in vaccine trials are usually other vaccines not placebos. No independent verifications is made of the manufacturers claims. See: and

    Are Vaccinations the only way to immunize?
      The only true immunization is natural. Natural immunity depends upon health not disease. Antibodies are not a measure of immunity. See: for articles on Health - The Only Immunity and immunizing without vaccines.

    Are unvaccinated children at risk?
      Basically, we answered that above. Unvaccinated does not mean un-immunized. See

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